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35-th international

real estate show 





February 23-26 2017

Moscow, VDNH, pavilion 75




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Недвижимость в Португалии

Pestana Group presents real estate in Portugal


International real estate exhibition "DOMEXPO" together with its strategic partner "Domus Alliance Russia» company (London, UK) regularly holds professional and working meetings between the representatives of the real estate and investment communities of top companies operating in Russian property market.


Based on more than 12 years experience in holding international real estate exhibition "DOMEXPO" and surveys of visitors and exhibitors, we can note an increasing interest in buying foreign property by Russians. For example, in 2006 only 15% of the visitors were interested in overseas property meanwhile
in 2012 almost 48% of the visitors came to the exhibition for searching a real estate abroad.

The geography search is greatly expanded, although the priority interest of Russian customers is real estate in Europe,  especially in well-known resort countries such as Spain, Bulgaria, Turkey, Italy, Greece and Cyprus. However, the new areas in real estate market also attract more and more Russian clients.

Portugal is one of the new areas mostly well-know among Russian customers as a touristic country.  Unique natural resources, cultural and historical monuments, hospitable population, good environmental conditions and the investment stability makes Portugal an attractive country for property buying.

December 5, 2012 The company "Pestana Group",  which is the largest operator in the real estate and exclusive tourism market in Portugal. was presented at the hotel Holiday Inn Sokolniki.

The company’s presentation was held by Mr. Peter Statham, head of sales and marketing department. Mrs. Isabel Ferreira, a lawyer and representative of the Anglo-Portuguese company NDR introduced the legal aspects of the real estate purchasing in Portugal.


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недвижимость португалии презентацияпортугалия презентация недвижимости

недвижимость португалии. презентация в сокольниках




недвижимость в португалии
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