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35-th international

real estate show 





February 23-26 2017

Moscow, VDNH, pavilion 75




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Art and design company “Montazhnik”




Business tour to Italy


From 15 to 22 September, there was a business tour by Northern Italy, organized by the Italian- Russian association of real estate professionals IRA and international real estate exhibition “DOMEXPO” with the support of the Italian Embassy in Moscow.


The trip was intense and caused a great concern from the Russian participants. Objects that have been submitted for possible investments were quite varied and interesting - from the medieval castle to the eco-farm , from the apartments next to the yacht harbor to the vineyards in Tuscany. All of them were combined by love for their land and their country.


All the participants marked the hospitality of the Italian side.


Svetlana Aleinikova – “VIP STROYENGINEERING, Ltd.”

It was a wonderful, emotional tour! Sincerely, thank you so much!


Alexander Kosirev, the company “West”

The trip is organized efficiently and with a soul! A wish: usually invite me, I’m ready to join you every quarter!


Rogozhina Virginia “ZemAktiv”

Thank you for a wonderful and informative trip.




Business tour to Italy

Northern Italy tour


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