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35-th international

real estate show 





February 23-26 2017

Moscow, VDNH, pavilion 75




Our Partners

Реклама на экранах в бизнес-центрах Москвы

партнер по зарубежной недвижимости

интернет-партнер по зарубежной недвижимости


Expodesign Exhibitions
Show Constructors



Art and design company “Montazhnik”



Fill out an application





  • Send a request to the organizers and get confirmation + contract (check rented space and payment conditions)
  • Sign the contract  and send it back
  • Pay strictly in time according to the contract conditions (payment details are in the invoice). Full payment should be issued till the 19-th of February 2016 года
  • Confirm the equipment of the booth (order additional equipment if needed) – deadline – 4-th of March 2016
  • Send your company’s banner for Domexpo-webpage
  • Register and place your objects at the database – 10 objects are taken without fee, if more than every 10 objects will cost 50 euro/month
  • Work properly and get a lot of contacts and leads


FLOOR PLAN (Amber Plaza)








» 16 years experience in organizing Real Estate Exhibitions in Russia


» DOMEXPO is one of the largest exhibitions (more than 1500 sq.m sold) in Russia


» A member of the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs, approved by Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI), supported by Moscow government.


» Domexpo is a two day show, which attracts over 4500 visitors


45% intend to buy in the next 12 months,

60% within 24 months


65% plan to buy from savings with no need for finance


75% of visitors do not attend any other overseas property show


Average budget to buy an overseas property is €150,000


Average age is 35-45 years





» Fully equipped stand


» Placement of the information about your company to the exhibition catalogue


» Opportunity to organize business events: presentations, seminars, round tables in the equipped conference halls  


» Wide promotional services during the exhibition


» PR promotion, business tours, lottery drawings


» Decoration of the stand 


» Placement of the real estate objects on the DOMEXPO website


» Opportunity to organize a national pavilion


» Radio ads during the exhibition


» Rewarding diploma




Option 1: Basic Turnkey Stand

The standard stand, which includes basic equipment and decoration.



Option 2: Stand Package - Basic Turnkey Stand+Additional Equipment

Take the worry out of exhibiting! A Stand Package lets you choose from four diverse, yet simple, stand decoration solutions. Which one suits you best?



Option 3: Custom Build Stand (unequipped area)

Have something completely original in mind? Choose your own decoration company to fully tailor a stand to your unique specifications.


Option 4: Workplace (meeting table or desk + bar chair + plasma TV)


Construction companies who wish to participate in the construction (assembling) of exhibition stands must contact our manager to get General Contractor - "Interior Expo”.


tel.: +7 (926) 480-04-64









Please get additional information below





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