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35-th international

real estate show 





February 23-26 2017

Moscow, VDNH, pavilion 75




Our Partners

Реклама на экранах в бизнес-центрах Москвы

партнер по зарубежной недвижимости

интернет-партнер по зарубежной недвижимости


Expodesign Exhibitions
Show Constructors



Art and design company “Montazhnik”




The main activities of the advertising campaign

International real estate exhibition DOMEXPO



Advertising on the Internet


  • Promoting the international exhibition "DOMEXPO" search networks: Yandex, Google, Rambler, Mail.
  • Banner exchange information with partners and media websites.
  • Placement of the information about the exhibition and banner company website DOMEXPO REC «EXPODESIGN» Information on the sites of partners and companies working in the real estate market.




Advertising in the printed and electronic media


  • An extensive advertising campaign in leading business media (Echo of Moscow,, «Property and prices», «Digest of the Russian and foreign property»)

  • Publication of articles about the exhibition DOMEXPO and placing modular advertising in more than 40 print media.




Advertising on TV and radio


  • Advertising and interviews on television and radio: Channel 1 Russia, TVC, NTV, Moscow 24, Moscow, «Echo of Moscow», Business FM, «Road Radio».

  • Broadcasting reportage from the opening ceremony in the news blocks on TVC channel, NTV.

  • Broadcasting interviews with organizers and participants of the exhibition on the radio, in print and online portals of media partners.



Radio ads in the subway


  • Radio ads broadcast on all subway stations before and during the exhibition.


Social Networks


  • Maintain corporate pages and communities in, VKontakte,, information microblog in twitter, as well as participate in discussions and conferences in other social networks including professional sector.



Distribution of invitation tickets


  • Distribution of invitation tickets in large-circulation real estate publications.

  • Mass mailing of invitations to the exhibition on the internet.

  • Individual invitations according the database REC «EXPODESIGN».


Direct marketing (email newsletter)

  • Newsletter from exhibitors, information about planned exhibitions, invitations to participate in the inspection tours of the property for: potential buyers and real estate professionals, subscribers of the business (management of industrial and financial organizations, government and power structures), specialized journalists of printed and electronic media.


Accommodation properties exhibitors at the base of the site DOMEXPO


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